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Richmond Ironclads at Trent's Reach
        Photo of Atlantic
National Archives: 527533

USS Atlanta off Farrar’s Island, James River, 1865

Richmond’s ironclads resembled the Atlanta. She came to America as the blockade runner Fingal, got sealed in Savannah, and was converted to a Confederate ironclad. Captured, she joined the U.S. Navy and was sent up the James in May 1864. The Atlanta drafted too much water to operate above City Point and stood guard off Flowerdew Hundred. During the Battle of Trent's Reach, Union Gen. U. S. Grant ordered the Atlanta to get as far upriver as possible and gave her captain permission to run aground if necessary. Her location here can be fixed by the signal tower (background, right)—she is within 500 yards of Trent's Reach.
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