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Richmond Ironclads at Trent's Reach
Line Drawing
ORN Series I Vol. 10:465

The Obstructions 

Grantís forces were supplied by ships coming up the Jamesówhose safety depended on Butlerís obstructions, depicted in this once-secret chart from September 16, 1864. Facing Richmond (here upriver is to the right) are two command-detonated torpedoes (mines) that were hidden in the channel with their firing wires running to a hut on shore. A net stretched across the river in front of the "Torpedo Hut" to catch floating mines released by the Confederates. On the left, scuttled ships in the channel are marked 1-14; their masts were cut down and chained into a boom that spanned the river as well. The chart also maps the river's depth, information the C.S. Navy would have desperately desired.
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