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Arlington County (Northern Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Al's Motors 000-7381 Go    
Arlington Forest Historic District 000-7808 Go Go  
Arlington House, Robert E. Lee Memorial 000-0001 Go    
Arlington Heights Historic District  000-3383 Go Go  
Arlington Memorial Bridge 000-0014 Go    
Arlington Post Office  000-0070 Go    
Arlington Ridge Park 000-9707 Go   Arlington Ridge Park (Attachments)
Arlington Village Historic District   000-0024 Go Go  
Ashton Heights Historic District   000-7819 Go Go  
Aurora Highlands Historic District  000-9706 Go Go  
Ball-Sellers House 000-0009 Go    
Banneker SW-9, D.C. Boundary Stone  000-0015 Go    
Barcroft Community House 000-0040 Go
Buckingham Village Historic District  000-0025 Go Go Boundary Increase (2003)
Boundary Increase (2009)
Calvert Manor 000-2265 Go    
Carlin Hall 000-0039 Go    
Charles Richard Drew House 000-0016 Go    
Cherrydale Fire Department 000-0044 Go    
Cherrydale Historic District   000-7821 Go Go  
Clarendon School  000-0453 Go    
Claremont Historic District  000-9700 Go Go  
Colonial Village Historic District Expansion  000-0013 Go Go  
Columbia Forest Historic District   000-9416 Go Go  
Dominion Hills Historic District 000-4212 Go    
Fairlington Historic District  000-5772 Go Go  
Francis Scott Key Bridge 000-5823 Go    
Fort C.F. Smith  000-5079 Go    
Fort Ethan Allen Park Historic District  000-5819 Go    
Fort Myer Historic District 000-0004
See also, Quarters One, Fort Myer (below)
Go Go  
Garden Apartments of Arlington Co. MPD (2003)     Garden Apartments of Arlington Co. MPD 2011 Amendment
George Crossman House 000-8826 Go    
Georgetown Pike 029-0466 Go    
Glebe Center  000-9415 Go    
Glebe House of Fairfax Parish 000-0003 Go    
Glebewood Village Historic District   000-9414 Go Go  
Glencarlyn Historic District   000-9704 Go   Go  
Harry Gray House   000-0515 Go    
Highland Park-Overlee Knolls Historic District
Hume School 000-0011 Go    
Lee Gardens North Historic District   000-9411 Go Go  
Lomax African M. E. Zion Church  000-1148 Go    
Lyon Park Historic District   000-7820 Go Go 2008 Amendment
Lyon Village Historic District  000-7822 Go Go  
Maywood Historic District   000-5056 Go Go  
Monroe Courts Historic District  000-4105 Go Go  
Penrose Historic District   000-8823 Go Go  
Pentagon 000-0072 Go    
Quarters One, Fort Myer  000-0005 Go    
Saegmuller House   000-0020 Go    
Stratford Junior High School   000-9412 Go    
Streamline Moderne Houses in Arlington Co. (MPD) 000-9708 Go    
Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington 000-3424 Go    
Virginia Heights Historic District  000-9701 Go Go
Walter Reed Gardens Historic District 000-8824 Go Go  
Washington (Reagan) National Airport  000-0045 Go    
Waverly Hills Historic District   000-9413 Go Go  
Westover Historic District 000-0032 Go Go  
(Earle Micajah) Winslow House 000-2633 Go    
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