Archaeological Collections

Archaeological Collections

The Archaeological Collections programs of Curation and Conservation aim to ensure the proper management and preservation of archaeological collections. They provide for the curation, care, and treatment of artifacts and associated documentation while providing access for researchers, students, and educators.

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The Archeological Curation program is responsible for the long-term management and preservation of archeological collections in the state. These collections include various materials, such as pottery, stone tools, and animal bones, recovered from excavations at various historic and prehistoric sites. The program provides various services, including accessioning, cataloging, storage, conservation, and access to these collections for research and education purposes. DHR staff work closely with archeologists, museum professionals, and other stakeholders to ensure that these materials are managed and preserved in accordance with best practices and ethical standards. The program also helps to promote a better understanding of Virginia’s rich cultural heritage through the study of material remains, and contributes to the protection and management of these resources for future generations. In addition to its curatorial work, DHR’s Archeological Curation program also provides guidance and support to archeologists and cultural resource management professionals on issues related to the care and management of archeological collections.

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Patrons associated with an institution can call for an appointment, which are scheduled for Tuesdays-Thursdays, 9-3. Contact the Collections Manager.

DHR curates archaeological collections from the pre-contact, contact, and post-contact periods, reflecting all of Virginia’s diverse communities.

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