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DHR plays a critical role in research and identification related to historic preservation. DHR’s archives contain valuable information and resources to support the identification, evaluation, and protection of historic sites and resources. DHR’s identification programs provide a foundation for preservation efforts, while its collections help to inform researchers and guide those efforts, promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of Virginia’s unique history and culture.


DHR plays an important role in contributing to statewide studies, surveys, and other documentation related to historic preservation. The agency maintains an extensive research archive to support the identification and evaluation of historic resources, helping to ensure that these resources are preserved and maintained for future generations. Through its research efforts, DHR also provides valuable information and resources to individuals, organizations, and local governments engaged in historic preservation efforts throughout Virginia.

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DHR’s identification efforts include a range of activities, such as architectural surveys, archaeological investigations, and historical research. The agency maintains a number of programs and databases to support these efforts. By identifying historic resources, DHR helps to raise awareness of their significance and value, and provides a framework for their preservation and protection. This includes working with property owners and local governments to develop plans for the conservation and maintenance of historic sites and structures.

Virginia Department of Historic Resources on September 12, 2023.

DHR Archives

DHR's Archives houses the agency’s collection of records of the historic resources documented in Virginia.  These records can include descriptions of the resources; historical research; photographs, plans and other materials that document the history of Virginia and its people. The archives are open to the public by appointment Tuesdays through Thursdays, and it provides a great resource for anyone interested in a rich and diverse view of the state's past and the people who have shaped it.

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