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Shenandoah County (Northern Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Bauserman Farm 085-5172 Go    
Beydler, Abraham House  085-0096 Go    
Bowman-Zirkle Farm 085-0438 Go    
Campbell Farm  085-0127 Go    
Clem-Kagey Farm 085-0206 Go    
Edinburg Historic District  215-0001 Go Go  
Edinburg Mill  215-0001-0057 Go    
Elizabeth Furnace  085-0940 Go    
Forestville Historic District 085-0405 Go Go  
Fort Bowman  085-0004 Go    
Hockman, Dr. House  085-0076 Go    
Hupp House  085-0007 Go    
Lantz Hall  330-0005 Go    
Lantz Mill  085-933-0001 Go    
Maphis, John Miley House 085-5181 Go    
Meems Bottom Covered Bridge  085-0103 Go    
Moore, J.W.R. House 265-5002 Go    
Mount Jackson Historic District  265-0004 Go Go  
Mount Pleasant 085-0072 Go    
Munch, Daniel House  085-0363 Go    
New Market Battlefield Park  085-0027 Go    
New Market Historic District  269-0005 Go Go  
Orkney Springs Hotel  085-0039 Go    
Shenandoah County Court House  330-0002 Go    
Shenandoah County Farm  085-0086 Go    
Snapp House  085-0029 Go    
Stoner-Keller House 085-0084 Go    
Strasburg Historic District  306-0016 Go Go  
Strasburg Museum  306-0009 Go    
Toms Brook School 313-5001 Go    
Van Buren Furnace  085-0051 Go    
Wierman, Benjamin House  085-0037-0003 Go    
Wilkins Farm 085-0216 Go    
Woodstock Historic District  330-0015 Go Go  
Zirkle Mill  085-0122 Go    
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