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The Virginia Department of Historic Resources
is the State Historic Preservation Office.
Our mission is to foster, encourage, and support the stewardship of
Virginia's significant historic architectural, archaeological, and cultural resources.

Historic Virginia
7 Historic Sites Added to the
Virginia Landmarks Register

The first dormitory built at Virginia Tech, an early Charlottesville suburb, a cut-flower greenhouse complex in Lynchburg, and a modernist-style house of worship in Arlington County are among the seven new listings added to the Virginia Landmarks Register by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources earlier this month.

Here's a slideshow of the places.

(See more slideshows here.)

Recent News and Announcements

Battlefield Preservation and Stewardship Workshop: DHR is sponsoring a two-day workshop on October 23 and 24 to highlight the vital role not-for-profit preservation organizations can play in passing forward a lasting legacy as partners in the preservation and stewardship of threatened Civil War battlefields. Open to all citizens, organizations, or jurisdictions interested in meaningful actions and ways to preserve, interpret and promote Civil War battlefields in their communities and regions, the workshop, titled “Virginia’s ‘Unclaimed’ Civil War Battlefields—A Preservation Opportunity, A Preservation Challenge,” will be hosted by Richard Bland College in Petersburg.  See the Workshop Agenda (updates to follow). Register here (links to Richard Bland College Website). For more information, read this flyer or contact  Also, learn more at our Battlefield Preservation page.
Virginia Archaeology Month 2014:
Every October DHR recognizes and celebrates Virginia archaeology through partners' events at libraries, museums, historical societies, clubs, and at active archaeological sites. The theme for 2014 is Underwater Archaeology and Virginia's Threatened Sites. Partners in hosting archaeology month events this year include Alexandria Archaeology Museum, Fairfield Foundation, Fort Eustis, and MacCallum More Museum and Gardens, among others. Download or view a Calendar of Events for Archaeology Month 2014 (PDF). If you would like a copy of this year's double-sided poster, contact Dee DeRoche at DHR.

DHR Work Plan October 2014-September 2015: DHR has completed a draft of our agency Work Plan for the coming (federal fiscal) year. It spells out DHR's vision and goals and how the agency will achieve those goals. Please direct any comments about the plan to Stephanie Williams, DHR Deputy Director, at (804) 482-6082 or by email at

DHR needs public input. That means we need to hear from you — and other citizens and organizations throughout the commonwealth:
  • What are the major issues facing the preservation community and use of historic resources over the next decade?
  • What values and vision should shape our collective formal preservation plans and goals?
  • How should Virginia’s preservation community (including this agency and a wide range of public and private partners) address these issues as we preserve and care for Virginia’s historic resources during the next decade?

We invite you, as part of this public input process, to complete a survey located at the following link:

Your feedback is vital to the Department of Historic Resources in developing a meaningful statewide Virginia Comprehensive Preservation Plan. If you care about preservation and your community’s historic resources and assets, the estimated 15 minutes it takes to complete the survey will be time well spent.

For more about the Comprehensive Plan, see under "Background" on this webpage.

New Publication from DHR

Virginia Historical HIghway Markers & The War of 1812

This guide, created originally for the 2014 Legacy Symposium convened at Fort Monroe and Hampton University in June, highlights 39 state historical markers that deal with aspects of the War of 1812.

Organized by county or city locales, the guide provides the text of each highway maker.

The 12-page guide includes illustrations and photos and should benefit teachers, students, and travelers. Download the PDF now.

Post-Natural Disaster Advisory:  See this webpage.

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