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Rockingham County (Northern Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Baxter House  082-0071 Go    
Beery, John K. Farm  082-0002 Go    
Bethlehem Church  082-0003 Go    
Bogota 082-0029 Go    
Bon Air 082-5157 Go    
Breneman/Turner Mill  082-0023 Go    
Bridgewater Historic District  176-0003 Go Go  
Chrisman, George House  082-0136 Go    
Contentment  082-0062 Go    
Dayton Historic District  206-0002 Go Go  
Edom Store and Post Office  082-0112 Go    
Fort Harrison  206-0001 Go    
Funk, Joseph House  082-0069 Go    
Harnsberger Farm  082-0132 Go    
Harnsberger, Stephen House  228-5022 Go    
Haugh House 082-5255 Go    
Inglewood  082-0051 Go    
Kite Mansion  082-5408 Go    
Kyle's Mill House and Farm  082-5075 Go     
Lincoln Homestead and Cemetery  082-0014 Go    
Linville Creek Bridge  177-5001 Go    
Long Meadow  082-0111 Go    
Long's Chapel  082-5264 Go    
Mannheim 082-0005 Go    
Massanetta Springs Historic District 082-0509 Go Go  
Melrose Caverns and Harrison Farmstead 082-0117 Go    
Miller-Kite House  216-5063 Go    
Peale House  082-0032 Go    
Peter Paul House  082-0031 Go    
Plains Mill 082-5403 Go    
Port Republic Historic District 082-0123 Go Go  
Rife's Mill  082-0284 Go    
Singers Glen Historic District  082-0125 Go Go  
Sites House  082-0035 Go    
Taylor Springs  082-0635 Go    
Timberville Historic District 312-5007 Go Go  
Tunker House  177-5004 Go    
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