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DHR Register Program Updates

May, 2020
In this issue:
*Agenda for June DHR quarterly board meeting *Registers-Listed Places in the News *History News from Around Virginia & Elsewhere *Grant & Training Opportunities
Happy Historic Preservation Month in Virginia and the nation. We hope you are well.
Another update to keep you abreast of DHR’s Virginia Landmarks Register and National Register programs, as well as related news and history.
--Lena McDonald, Historian, DHR Register Program.

*Consultants, CLG staff, university faculty, students, and anyone interested in Virginia's landmark register programs and history. (Please share this newsletter with others!)
COVID-19 UPDATE: During the current threat to public health from the coronavirus, DHR is open for business and the majority of staff is teleworking. However, our offices are temporarily closed to the public until further notice. Staff can be reached by email using this format: first name.last name@dhr.virginia.gov. You can also check the staff directory for a phone number to leave a message. Also, documents can still be mailed to DHR, although staff may be unable to retrieve them immediately. Public use of our Collections and Collections Room for research, loan transfers or processing of artifacts by members of the public is suspended as well until further notice.

June 2020 Joint Quarterly Board Meeting to Convene Online

In a historic first for DHR, the Virginia Board of Historic Resources and State Review Board quarterly meetings scheduled for June 18, 2020, will take place online. The agenda for nominations consists largely of proposed register listings from our cancelled March meeting and three additional nominations. (The nominations and photos for properties originally scheduled for March are linked below.) DHR will postpone five historic district nominations because we could not conduct the required public hearings for those proposed districts.

We will post information about how to access the meeting on DHR’s website (board activities page) several days in advance of the June meeting. DHR is working out many remaining details including the online platform to be used for hosting the meeting and public access.

The following is the draft agenda for nominations to be presented:

Eastern Region
  1. Armistead House, City of Williamsburg, DHR No. 137-0142, Criterion C
  2. Walker-Wilkins-Bloxom Warehouse, City of Newport News, DHR No. 121-0076, Criteria A and C
  3. Diggs (to be posted), J. Eugene, Residence, City of Norfolk, DHR No. 122-5971, Criteria A and B
  4. Jackson P. Burley High School, City of Charlottesville, DHR No. 104-5276-0064, Criteria A and C
  5. Hickory Hill Slave and African American Cemetery, Hanover County, DHR No. 042-5792, Criteria A and D and Criteria Consideration D
Northern Region
  1. Rose Hill, Culpeper County, DHR No. 023-0018, Criteria A and C
  2. J. Long Mill, Greene County, DHR No. 039-5005, Criteria A and C
  3. Almond, Page County, DHR No. 069-0050, Criterion C
  4. Coates Farm/Cebula Barn, Madison County, DHR No. 056-5050, Criterion C
  5. Deering Hall, Town of Broadway, Rockingham County, DHR No. 177-0016, Criterion A
  6. C. Walker School, Bath County, DHR No. 008-5076, Criterion A
    Western Region
    1. Brown-Swisher Barn, Rockbridge County, DHR No. 081-7171, Criterion C
    2. Carnegie Hall, University of Lynchburg, City of Lynchburg, DHR No. 118-5470-0002, Criteria A and C
    3. Salvation Army Citadel, City of Roanoke, DHR No. 128-5343, Criteria A and C and Criteria Consideration A
    4. Southside High School, Pittsylvania County, DHR No. 071-5820, Criteria A and C
    The draft agenda for Preliminary Information Forms (PIFs) is below; additional PIFs may be added later.

    Western Region
    1. Bedford Training School, Town of Bedford, Bedford County, DHR No. 141-5019, Criteria A and C
    2. Craghead, John, House, Franklin County, DHR No. 033-5449, Criterion C
    3. Dixon Cemetery, Campbell County, DHR No. 015, 5604, Criteria A and D and Criteria Consideration D
    4. Gish Mill, Town of Vinton, Roanoke County, DHR No. 149-5007, Criteria A and C
    5. Susie G. Gibson High School, Town of Bedford, Bedford County, DHR No. 141-5018, Criteria A and C
    Northern Region
    1. Annaburg Manor, City of Manassas, DHR No. 155-0021, Criterion C
    2. Bois Dore, Fairfax County, DHR No. 029-6641, Criterion C
    3. Bowman, Daniel, House, Shenandoah County, DHR No. 085-0282, Criterion C
    4. Browntown Historic District, Warren County, DHR No. 093-5032, Criteria A and C
    5. Hough, Bernard, House, Loudoun County, DHR No. 053-0676, Criterion C
    6. Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and Cemetery, Prince William County, DHR No. 076-6009, Criterion A and Criteria Considerations A and D
    Eastern Region
    1. Brookbury Farm, City of Richmond, DHR No. 127-0301, Criteria A and C
    2. Fairfield-Sandston Historic District, Henrico County, DHR No. 043-6271, Criteria A and C
    3. Jefferson Manor Motel Apartments, City of Virginia Beach, DHR No. 134-5383, Criteria A and C
    4. Resort Hotels/ Motels in Virginia Beach Built in the 1950s and 1960s Multiple Property Documentation Form, City of Virginia Beach, DHR No. 134-5721
    5. Richmond Foundry and Manufacturing Complex, City of Richmond, DHR No. 127-6847, Criteria A and C

    Register-Listed Places in the News

    John Marshall, the Supreme Court, and the Trail of Tears Symposium
    Chief Justice John Marshall, painted from life by Henry Inman, 1832. (Library of Virginia)
    trail of tear USDA
    Map of the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. (USDA/Forest Service, Shawnee National Forest)
    A symposium about Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall and his critical impact on United States policy toward Native American tribes took place in February at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture and was co-hosted by Preservation Virginia. C-SPAN recorded the event and has made the presentations available online.

    Freedom House Museum. (Photo: R. Kennedy for FHM.)
    Alexandria’s Freedom House Museum, Under New Ownership
    The City of Alexandria completed the purchase of the Freedom House Museum from the Northern Virginia Urban League (NVUL). This purchase will allow the City to preserve and interpret this National Historic Landmark and ensure it is open to the public for future generations. Plans call for expanding the footprint of the museum beyond the current basement exhibit, starting with a series of changing exhibitions that relate to the history of the site.

    The historic structure, originally built in 1812, will require a full restoration that complies with the terms of the easement held by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. (VLR Online entry.)
    Virginia University of Lynchburg_0001_VLR_online
    Humbles Hall, Virginia University of Lynchburg.
    Virginia University of Lynchburg Receives HBCU Grant
    The National Park Service awarded the Virginia University of Lynchburg (VUL) a Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) grant for phase II of its project to preserve historic Humbles Hall. VUL is the oldest institution of higher education in Lynchburg, and the first associated with African American education. The campus’s historic core, including Humbles Hall, was listed in the Virginia Landmarks Register in 2010 and the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. This year’s HBCU grants totaled $7.7 million, of which VUL received just under $500,000.
    Monticello, Jefferson's Gardens
    Atas Obscura profiles Peter Hatch's career-long effort at restoring Jefferson's gardens: "When [the now retired] Hatch arrived at Monticello, Jefferson’s garden had almost entirely disappeared. He made it his mission to restore both its grounds—with a museum’s eye for historic accuracy—and its mission as a seed bank and resource for American farmers. The garden and fruitery now serve as the backbone for the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants, which sells historical seeds and grafting stock, and offers educational programming centered around heirloom gardening, viticulture, and pomology.
    Read more . . .

    News in Virginia

    Screenshot of VAM website.
    Virginia Association of Museums (VAM) Provides Online Resources for Historical Organizations
    The Virginia Association of Museums (VAM) has created a new webpage that provides information on government resources, online tools, opportunities to help, funding and online learning opportunities of interest to staff, donors, and the general public. The wide range of specific topics covered includes collections care, funding advice and opportunities, sources for the nonprofit and museum sectors, social media, and online chats.
    Screenshot Online Resources video
    Online Resources about History, Archaeology & Architecture—in Virginia & Beyond
    DHR also offers a page with info and links to resources and activities from museums and organizations reaching out to families, and teachers and students. The photo links to a video (Youtube) about the page.
    Puzzles of Arlington landmarks at jigsawplanet.com.
    Putting Pieces Together at Preservation Arlington
    Preservation Arlington created an entertaining and educational collection of online puzzles focusing on local historic districts. The puzzles are randomly set-up with the number and shape of pieces. Puzzlers can set the skill level by changing shapes or number of pieces or enabling the ability to rotate the pieces. Puzzles include photos of the registers-listed Ball-Sellers House, Hume School, and Colonial Village.
    Keokee Store No. 1, Lee Co., Va.
    VLR (Virginia Landmarks Register) Online Puzzles
    With a tip of the puzzle piece to Preservation Arlington, DHR puzzled over the Keokee Store No. 1 in Lee County. The Stonega Coke and Coal Company built the store in 1910 of local stone, with structural walls over a foot thick. The distinctive large dormers on each side once were complemented by a large fan window and colonnaded entry porch. More info about the store at VLR Online. The puzzle is here. You can set your skill level by number of pieces, rotation, etc. (Tips: Highlight a puzzle piece and right click to rotate it. Pieces click when snapped into place.)
    Bet you can't do just one.
    PVaTobacco Barn Story project
    Story Map for Tobacco Barns.
    Preservation Virginia Presents a Story Map for Tobacco Barns
    In 2009 Preservation Virginia declared that Pittsylvania County’s historic tobacco barns endangered, since then PV has documented numerous barns, published Tobacco Barns: Preserving History in the Old Belt, and now has debuted a Story Map showcasing the results of more than a decade of work.
    Historic and current photos enrich the online exhibit. The before-and-after photos of restored barns are an inspiration, too.
    Another phase of the project, called the Barn Quilts Trail of Halifax County, will create brochure and map for area residents and visitors to learn more about preserved barns.
    Screenshot of the Southwest Virginia LGBTQ+ History Project website.
    New Podcast by Southwest Virginia LGBTQ+ Project
    The Southwest Virginia LGBTQ+ History Project has just released a 30-minute podcast episode on histories of the HIV/AIDS Crisis in Southwest Virginia. The recording can be listened to online, or accessed via Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Google, Overcast, and other platforms (those links are provided on the podcast’s webpage).

    Grant Opportunities

    DHR’s Upcoming Grant Opportunities
    DHR has a new webpage exclusively about various grant opportunities available through our office. Each grant program is described at our website:
    • African American Cemetery and Graves Fund (state funding);
    • Confederate Graves and Cemeteries Fund (state funding);
    • Revolutionary War Graves and Cemeteries Fund (state funding);
    • Certified Local Governments Grants (federal funding);
    • Cost Share Grants (state funding);
    • ESHPF Disaster Relief Assistance Grant Program (federal funding for historic properties damaged by 2018 Hurricanes Florence and Michael.);
    • Threatened Sites Fund (state funding);
    • Virginia Battlefield Preservation Fund (state funding).
    See DHR staff contact information for each grant program at the Grants page. Please note that DHR does not have grants available for property owners of historic houses or buildings unless they meet the conditions for the ESHPF Disaster Relief federal grant program above.

    Training Opportunities

    ICAA's Historic Brickwork screenshot.
    Historic Brickwork: A Design Resource
    The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) has made available a videotaped lecture by DHR’s Senior Architectural Historian Calder Loth on historic brickwork from the colonial era to the twentieth century. The course examines different brickwork designs, European origins, regional styles, brick manufacturing, mortar joint types, as well as decorative details.

    Other News

    Virginia Architecture Forum Annual Conference Goes Virtual
    Although the Vernacular Architecture Forum (VAF) postponed its full 2020 conference, the annual papers session will go forward in a new format. On Saturday, May 9, from 10 am to about 5 pm, the paper and poster sessions will be presented in three blocks. Each session will include three or four 20-minute papers. The papers will be pre-recorded, but the session chairs will be introducing each speaker live and will moderate a live question-and-answer session following the presentations. The poster session will be held from 12:00-1:00 and will also permit live discussion with the presenters.

    Here's a list of the presentations. To sign up, go to the VAF website. The registration fee is $20.00 ($10.00 for students). Registration is open to all but non-members will first need to make a free account here.

    National Park Service’s State, Tribal, and Local Plans and Grants Division COVID-19 Info
    The NPS’s division for State, Tribal, and Local Plans and Grants has created a new webpage dedicated to updates concerning how COVID-19 is impacting its various programs. In addition to information on administrative relief, staff contact information, and information for awardees and contractors working on grant-funded projects, the webpage presents answers to frequently asked questions about typical scenarios that people are encountering due to cancelled events and staff working remotely.
    National Trust’s Forum Journal Available Online
    The National Trust for Historic Preservation has made available back issues of its Forum journal to the general public. The full text of issues published between 2013-2018 can be downloaded without need for website registration or a password. Typical issues of Forum are focused around a specific theme about preservation issues of interest to a wide range of preservationists working across the country.
    Online Resources from AASLH
    The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) has compiled resources on a new webpage for history practitioners and organizations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Substantive blog posts cover topics such as meeting community needs during a crisis, planning for recovery after the economy reopens, and collections care. It also compiles links to other organizations' webpages. For a nominal fee, webinars on issues pertinent to the current crisis also are available at here.