44PG307/614-42 Matchlock 2032 - rolled


44PG307/614-42 Serpentine - Side View

Serpentine – “snake”

44PG307/614-42 Serpentine - Rear View

Rear View –
slightly bent


Matchlock with Serpentine
—early 17th century.  The plate of this matchlock was
deliberately rolled up prior to deposition in a trash pit, perhaps to
prevent its being used again in a firearm.  The side view
“snake” head of the serpentine is clearly recognizable.
The rear view shows how the bifurcated (split) section of the serpentine is
slightly bent out of line and the match screw is broken.  As a
result, it is sprung apart, rather than screwed tight the way it would be
when holding a match.

example was recovered from Jordan’s Journey near Hopewell in Prince George
County.   To see more of the gun parts that would have
been part of this type of gun lock look at a
from a nearby site.

Updated November 14, 2022