Wythe Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Wythe Ware is a Late Woodland sandtempered pottery with mainly knotted net, cord, corn cob, and plain surfaces. Interior scraped marks remain on many of the sherds. […]

Shepard Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Shepard is a Late Woodland ware, characterized by quartz and/or crushed igneous rock temper and a cord-marked exterior surface. Vessels often have added collars. Chronology: Stratigraphic sequences and […]

Smyth Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Smyth Ware is a Late Woodland soapstone tempered pottery with net, corn cob, plain and scraped surfaces. Punctations, criss-crossing incisions, and gashes are rare decoration. Chronology: Holland estimated […]

Townsend Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Townsend Ware is a Late Woodland/Early Contactperiod ware of the Coastal Plain physiographic province. The ware is characterized by temper of crushed shell (ribbed mussel and oyster […]

Radford Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Radford Ware is a Late Woodland limestonetempered pottery with net, cord, corn cob, and plain surface treatments. Round globular jars are decorated along the rim with finger […]

Potomac Creek Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Potomac Creek Cord Marked and Potomac Creek Plain are recognized within this ware. Their temper has been described as crushed quartz and/or fine to medium grained sand […]

Pisgah Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Rectilinear complicated stamping on a sandtemper body with thickened rims decorated with rows of short diagonal slits and gashes. Chronology: The ware probably dates from 1000 to 1450 […]

New River Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: New River Ware is a Late Woodland shelltempered ware with cord, net and plain surface treatments, finger pinching and gashes along the rim, and occasional strap handles. […]

Page Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Page is an early Late Woodland ware, characterized by limestone temper and a cord-marked exterior surface, often with an added strip or pseudo-collar around the rim. Decorative […]

Keyser Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Keyser is a Late Woodland ware, characterized by shell temper, a cord-marked exterior, a notched lip, and a wide mouthed globular body and rounded base. Variations include […]