Stony Creek Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Stony Creek Ware is noted by its medium to large sand temper in a sandy paste, mainly wide wicker-fabric and cord-marked surface treatment, and lack of decoration. […]

Swannanoa Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Swannanoa Ware is an early Middle Woodland crushed-quartz to coarse sand tempered pottery with cord and fabric surface treatments. Rims are vertical to the conical body and […]

Townsend Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Townsend Ware is a Late Woodland/Early Contactperiod ware of the Coastal Plain physiographic province. The ware is characterized by temper of crushed shell (ribbed mussel and oyster […]

Prince George Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Prince George Ware, dating from the first half of the Middle Woodland, is a pottery type characterized by either pebbletempered or sand-and-pebbletempered paste with a fine sandy […]

Long Branch Fabric Marked Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Long Branch Fabric Marked Ware is an early Middle Woodland ceramic that is fabric marked with limestone temper. Decoration is rare. Chronology: Long Branch Fabric Marked Ware has […]

Hercules Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Hercules Ware is an undecorated late Middle Woodland pottery with contorted paste, tempered with large pieces of crushed quartz, granite, or gneiss with mainly a wicker-fabric-impressed surface […]

Hyco Ware

Period: Early Woodland Defining Attributes: Hyco Ware is an Early Woodland fine sandtempered pottery with plain, cord, and fabric surface treatments. The rim forms a straight wall with the body and the […]

Branchville Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Branchville is a Late Woodland ware tempered with small granules of well rounded quartzite and chert, ranging from 3 to 5 mm in size. Four types are […]

Albemarle Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Albemarle Ware is a crushed quartz tempered pottery with predominately fabric, cord, and plain surfaces. Chronology: Holland estimated the age at 1200 to 1400 CE based on seriation. […]