Varina Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Varina Ware is a knotted-net marked pottery with a medium to very coarse angular and/or rounded sand temper. Chronology: Based on dates and associations, Varina Ware is viewed […]

Shepard Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Shepard is a Late Woodland ware, characterized by quartz and/or crushed igneous rock temper and a cord-marked exterior surface. Vessels often have added collars. Chronology: Stratigraphic sequences and […]

Potomac Creek Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Potomac Creek Cord Marked and Potomac Creek Plain are recognized within this ware. Their temper has been described as crushed quartz and/or fine to medium grained sand […]

Pisgah Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Rectilinear complicated stamping on a sandtemper body with thickened rims decorated with rows of short diagonal slits and gashes. Chronology: The ware probably dates from 1000 to 1450 […]

Gaston Ware

Period: European Contact Defining Attributes: Gaston Ware, represented by one type, simple stamped, has angular to subangular quartztemper 2 to 5 mm in diameter in a clayey, compact paste. Finger pinched, incised, […]

Grayson Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Grayson is a late Middle Woodland to early Late Woodland sandy-paste ware usually tempered with crushed quartz. Surface treatments are commonly net, cord, and fabric. Chronology: One radiometric […]

Hercules Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Hercules Ware is an undecorated late Middle Woodland pottery with contorted paste, tempered with large pieces of crushed quartz, granite, or gneiss with mainly a wicker-fabric-impressed surface […]

Branchville Ware

Period: Late Woodland Defining Attributes: Branchville is a Late Woodland ware tempered with small granules of well rounded quartzite and chert, ranging from 3 to 5 mm in size. Four types are […]

Albemarle Ware

Period: Middle Woodland Defining Attributes: Albemarle Ware is a crushed quartz tempered pottery with predominately fabric, cord, and plain surfaces. Chronology: Holland estimated the age at 1200 to 1400 CE based on seriation. […]