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DHR Announces CLG Workshops for 2020

Staff of the Department of Historic Resources will conduct CLG (Certified Local Government) training workshops this year in Arlington (March 23), Fredericksburg (March 24), and Williamsburg (May 15). Workshop training will focus on historic architecture, appropriate treatments for historic materials, ADA accessibility project planning, and community outreach and engagement. (See this draft agenda for the Arlington workshop.) Each workshop is capped at 40 participants, and early registration is encouraged. To register, please complete this online form. For more information about the workshops, contact Aubrey Von Lindern at (540) 868-7029.

Overview of CLG

Communities strengthen and expand their local preservation programs through Certified Local Government (CLG) designation. The CLG program was created by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (as amended in 1980). It establishes a partnership between local governments, the federal historic preservation program, and each state’s State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), which in the case of Virginia is the Department of Historic Resources (DHR).

The program allows DHR, as the SHPO, to recommend for certification local governments that have put key elements of a sound local preservation program in place in their communities. Designation as a CLG gives local governments a way to participate more formally in the state and national historic preservation programs. General requirements for certification are identified in the federal program; specific requirements for the Virginia program have been established by DHR.

Goals of the Virginia CLG program are threefold:

  • Promote viable communities through preservation
  • Recognize and reward communities with sound local preservation programs
  • Establish credentials of quality for local preservation programs
Participants at a CLG Training Workshop.

To learn more about the CLG program, click on the various links featured in the top-right navigation box.

Additional information is also available from your nearest DHR regional preservation office. Also, for more information, contact: Aubrey Von Lindern Phone: (540) 868-7029.

CLG Grants

CLG designation also allows a jurisdiction to apply for CLG grants through federal Historic Preservation Funds (HPF). Ten percent of all HPF monies that come to the Commonwealth of Virginia must be distributed to CLGs. DHR does this through a competitive grant process, open only to CLGs. 

Updated January 27, 2020