State Project Review

State Project Review

Under certain specific provision of state law, state agencies are required to consult with DHR regarding the potential impacts of their projects on historic resources.

Specifically, state agencies are required to consult with DHR when proposing

  • the demolition of any building;
  • alterations to properties that are listed in the Virginia Landmarks Register, and
  • the sale or lease of their surplus real property.

DHR is also afforded by the Department of Environmental Quality an opportunity to review and comment on

  • major state projects costing $500,000 or more; and
  • applications to State Corporation Commission for electric generating plants and associated facilities.

Under the Virginia Antiquities Act and other provisions of state law, DHR has responsibility for issuing or commenting on the issuance of permits for conducting

  • archaeological investigations on state lands;
  • archaeological removal of human remains and artifacts from graves;
  • exploration and/or recovery of underwater historical resources; and
  • collections within caves and rock shelters.

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