Natural Disaster Recovery Advisory: For Owners and Managers of Historic Buildings in Virginia

DHR Historic Trades & Consultants Directory (.pdf)

Please Note: DHR provides the Trades & Consultants Directory (updated regularly) as a free service to property owners, local governments, and state and federal sponsors in Virginia seeking the assistance of people and professional firms with expertise in historic preservation. The directory is not an endorsement by the department or a demonstration of professional competence. As a government agency, DHR cannot recommend the services of an individual consultant and does not accept responsibility for the performance of any consultant.

The directory should not be construed as an “approved” list. Determining the suitability of the providers is the responsibility of the property owners. It is also the responsibility of the property owner to obtain all appropriate permits and to ascertain that contractors have the appropriate licenses. Licensing requirements and status may be checked at the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations. If you are a tradesmen or expert in historic repairs or a preservation consultant and you would like to be included in the directory, please contact Megan Melinat.

Before a Storm Strikes

DHR shares the following guidance on how to prepare yourself, your family, and your historic property for an impending hurricane or storm, and what to do if your property is negatively impacted:

The checklist above may help you prioritize tasks in preparing for adverse weather. Please know that DHR staff will be ready to assist you during the recovery efforts. Reports of damage reports and requests for technical assistance for owners of historic properties can be sent to Stephanie Williams; for properties under easement with DHR, please contact Megan Melinat (tel. 804-482-6455). You can also contact DHR staff in our Regional Offices. (Regional staff is listed on the last page of the document linked above).

Also, the National Park Service’s Guidelines on Flood Adaptation for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings (2021) provides information about how to adapt historic buildings to be more resilient to flooding risk in a manner that will preserve their historic character. The treatments described in the document may be considered as means of preserving the historic properties located on floodplains and making them resilient to flooding hazards.


Helpful Links for Recovery after Flooding:

Tips and guides for actions to take after floods / hurricanes (these links go to other websites):

Links for Addressing Moisture in Old Buildings:

Historic Surry Disaster Mitigation PlanHistoric Surry Disaster Mitigation Plan

This plan provides useful guidelines for all Virginians about preparing for and recovering from a natural or man-made disaster, specifically when it comes to historic properties. The 30-page plan, created in 2016, is the result of a grant administered by DHR from the the NPS’s Historic Preservation Fund–Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Assistance Grant.

See these helpful checklists (excerpted from the plan) for preparation and recovery from disasters.

General Information for Property Owners:

Want to Contact DHR About Your Damaged Property?

There are alternatives to demolition, many damaged historic buildings can be saved and repaired.

If you have an historic home, commercial building, or other historic property damaged by a recent natural disaster, DHR is available to assist you. We have staff members expert in assessing damage to buildings and options available for repairing or saving historic materials and architectural features.

For more information, contact us (Choose “General Questions in the Contact Form.“); when contacting DHR to request assistance, be prepared to provide:

  • the property owner’s name,
  • phone and email, and
  • the property’s address.

If available, a low-res digital image of the property (before and after damage) is helpful and can be emailed to Stephanie Williams (emails with attachments exceeding 15 MB will be rejected by COV email system).

Updated February 28, 2023