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Fauquier County (Northern Region)

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Ashleigh  030-0005 Go    
Ashville Historic District   030-5323 Go Go  
Atoka Historic District  030-5154 Go Go  
Auburn Battlefields 030-5140 / Appendix with maps Go    
Belle Grove  030-0008 Go    
Blue Ridge Farm  030-0894 Go    
Boxwood  030-0091 Go    
Brentmoor  156-0014 Go    
Bristersburg Historic District  030-5161 Go Go  
Broad Run / Little Georgetown Rural HD  030-5514 Go    
Burland Farm Historic District  030-1017 Go Go  
Calverton Historic District  030-5165 Go    
Casanova Historic District 030-5163 Go Go  
Carters Run Rural Historic District 030-5603 Go Go  
Catlett Historic District  030-5162 Go    
Cromwell's Run Rural Historic District
Go Go Cromwell's Run Rural HD Boundary Increase (2008)
Crooked Run Valley Rural Historic District    030-5369 Go Go  
Dakota 030-0300 Go    
Delaplane Historic District   030-0002 Go Go  
Green Pastures  030-0742 Go    
Heflin's Store   030-0520 Go    
Hollow, The   030-0803 Go
Hopefield  030-0085 Go    
Hume Historic District  030-5158 Go    
John Marshall Leeds Manor Rural HD  030-5428 Go    
Little River Rural Historic District 030-5579 Go
Loretta  030-0035 Go    
Markham Historic District  030-5157 Go Go  
Marshall Historic District  030-5156 Go Go  
Melrose Castle Farm  030-0070 Go    
Mill House  030-0659 Go    
Monterosa (Neptune Lodge)  156-0020 Go    
Morven  030-0864 Go    
Mount Hope 030-0778 Go    
Morgantown Historic District   030-5322 Go Go  
New Baltimore Historic District   030-5166 Go Go  
North Wales Plantation  030-0093 Go    
Oak Hill  030-0044 Go    
Oakley  030-0046 Go    
Oaks (Innes Hill)  030-0320 Go    
Oakwood Farm 030-0083 Go    
Old Denton 030-0570 Go    
Old Fauquier County Jail  156-0004 Go    
Orlean Historic District 030-5159 Go Go  
Paradise 156-0019-0320 Go    
Paris Historic District  030-0222 Go Go  
Public School #18  030-0135 Go    
Rectortown Historic District 030-5155 Go Go  
Remington Historic District 288-5001 Go Go  
Sky Meadows State Park  030-0283 Go    
Sumerduck Historic District  030-5164 Go Go  
The Plains Historic District 311-5001 Go Go  
Thoroughfare Gap Battlefield 030-1016 Go Go  
Upperville Historic District 030-5438 Go Go  
Warrenton Historic District 156-0019 Go Go  
Waveland   030-0512 Go    
Waverley  030-0226  Go    
Weston  030-0058 Go    
Woodside 030-0059 Go    
Yew Hill  030-0060 Go    
Yorkshire House 156-5095 Go    
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