Select Maps for Register-Listed Historic Districts

Select Maps for Register-Listed Historic Districts

Below are links to maps for select cities and counties that show the boundaries of historic districts  listed in the Virginia Landmarks Register (VLR) and the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) within each jurisdiction. For information on historic districts in other localities, please contact the Archives of the Department of Historic Resources.

The historic district boundaries depicted in the maps may not correspond with the boundaries of local historic districts. DHR’s maps focus only on VLR and NRHP districts, and do not indicate districts authorized solely by localities. (Designation of a property to the state and national registers is honorary; it places no restrictions on what a property owner may do with his or her property.)

NoteIn order to read and print the maps below Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer (free software). Download Acrobat Reader now.

Alexandria VLR / NR Historic District Map

Arlington County VLR / NR Historic District Maps

Bristol VLR / NR Historic District Map

Charlottesville VLR / NR Historic District Map

Danville VLR / NR Historic District Map

Fredericksburg  VLR / NR Historic District Map

Lynchburg  VLR /NR Historic District Map

Martinsville VLR / NR Historic District Map

Norfolk VLR / NR Historic District Map

Petersburg  VLR / NR Historic District Map

Portsmouth  VLR / NR Historic District Map

Richmond City  VLR / NR Historic District Map

Roanoke City  VLR / NR Historic District Map

Staunton VLR / NR Historic District Map

Suffolk  VLR / NR Historic District Map

Williamsburg VLR / NR Historic District Map