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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Alleghany Springs Springhouse  060-0476 Go    
Amiss-Palmer House  150-0014 Go    
Barnett House (Big Spring)  060-0440 Go
Barnett, William House  060-0472 Go    
Barracks No.1 150-0100-0002 Go    
Big Spring Baptist Church  060-0435 Go    
Bishop House  060-0107 Go    
Blacksburg Historic District 150-0108 Go Go  
Blacksburg Motor Company, Inc.  150-0105 Go    
Blankenship Farm  060-0386 Go    
Bowstring Truss Bridge 060-5066 Go    
Bowyer-Trollinger Farm  060-0084 Go    
Callaway, Pompey House  060-0434 Go    
Cambria Freight Station  154-0048-0001 Go    
Cambria Historic District  154-0048 Go Go  
Charlton, James House  060-0137 Go    
Christiansburg Downtown Historic District 154-5025 Go Go  
Christiansburg Post Office  154-0027 Go    
Christiansburg Presbyterian Church  154-0003 Go    
Crockett Springs Cottage  060-0487 Go    
Cromer House  060-0121 Go    
Currie House  150-0019 Go    
Earhart Farm #2  060-0380 Go    
Earhart, George House  060-0300 Go    
East Main Street Historic District 154-0001 Go Go  
Edgemont Church  060-0139 Go    
Evans House #2  060-0223 Go    
Fotheringay  060-0005 Go    
Gordon, Nealy Farm  060-0392 Go    
Grayson, John House  060-0118 Go    
Grayson-Gravely House  060-0117 Go    
Graysontown Methodist Church  060-0109 Go    
Guerant Farm  060-0007 Go    
Hall, Thomas House  060-0082 Go    
Hornbarger Store  060-0153 Go    
Howard-Bell-Feathers House  060-0024 Go    
Keister House  150-5014 Go    
Lafayette Historic District  060-0418 Go Go  
Lawrence, Frank House  060-0003 Go    
Linkous-Kipps House  150-5020 Go    
Long, Edgar A. Building  154-5008 Go    
Manassas Industrial School 155-0010 Go    
McDonald, Joseph Farm  060-0235 Go    
Miller-Southside Residential Historic District 150-0109 Go Go  
Montgomery Primitive Baptist Church  060-0175 Go    
North Fork Valley Rural Historic District  060-0574 Go    
The Oaks  154-0001-0005 Go    
Odd Fellows Hall  150-0087 Go    
Old Christiansburg Industrial Institute  154-5004 Go    
Phillips-Ronald House  150-0015 Go    
Phlegar Building  154-0007 Go    
Piedmont Camp Meeting Grounds  060-0500 Go    
Preston House  060-0270 Go    
Prices Fork Historic District  060-0224 Go Go 2014 Boundary Increase
Rife House  060-0443 Go    
Riner Historic District  060-0044 Go Go  
Shawsville Historic District  060-0456 Go Go  
Smithfield  150-5017 Go    
Solitude  150-0100-0003 Go    
South Franklin Street Historic District  154-0010 Go Go  
Surface House  154-0043 Go    
Thomas-Conner House  150-0005 Go    
Trinity United Methodist Church  060-0383 Go    
Virginia Railroad Underpass  060-0573 Go    
Wall, Adam House  060-0233 Go    
Walnut Grove Historic District  060-0452 Go    
Walnut Spring  060-0243 Go    
Washington Iron Furnace 157-0029 Go    
Whitethorn  150-5021 Go    
Yellow Sulphur Springs  060-0013 Go   Additional Documentation (2012)
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