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Page County (Northern Region)

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Historic Resource / DHR File No.
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Photos Map Expanded / Revised Nomination
Aventine Hall  159-0001 Go    
Beaver, John House  069-0120 Go    
Catherine Furnace  069-0130 Go    
Fort Egypt  069-0001 Go    
Fort Philip Long  069-0002 Go    
Fort Stover  069-0005 Go    
Graves Chapel and Cemetery  303-0015 Go    
Heiston-Strickler House  069-0017 Go    
Kanawha  159-5030 Go    
Locust Grove  069-0145 Go    
Luray Downtown Historic District  159-5064 Go Go  
Luray Norfolk & Western Passenger Station 159-0024 Go    
Massanutton Heights  069-0123 Go    
Mauck's Meeting House  069-0006 Go    
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church  069-0038 Go    
Page County Bridge No. 1990  069-0238 Go   Additional Documentation (2012)
Page County Court House  159-0004 Go    
Printz, Abram and Sallie Farm  069-5098 Go    
Redwell-Isabella Furnace Historic District  069-5252 Go Go  
Ruffner House  159-5025 Go    
Shenandoah Historic District   299-0033 Go Go  
Skyline Drive Historic District  069-0234 Go Go Boundary Increase 1997
Boundary Increase 2003
NHL 2008
Spitler, Isaac Homeplace  069-0007 Go    
Stevens Cottage  299-0002 Go    
Strickler-Louderback House  069-0105 Go    
Wall Brook Farm  069-0011 Go    
Welfley-Shuler House  069-5075 Go    
White House  069-0012 Go   Updated 2013 Nomination
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