Snaphaunce Battery 2076

Exterior View 44CC178/2/3E Bottom View Snaphaunce Battery:  From a gun-lock plate, referred to as a snaphaunce, a mechanism whereby a flint held in a cock was struck against a steel battery that […]

Trigger Guard 2

44CC178/16D-2 Trigger Guard Trigger Guard:  This example is the same type as the one illustrated in the Musketeer from the Jacob de Gheyn engravings. It was recovered from Causey’s Care, a […]

Pommel 170

44PG302/EU2100 F-430 Pommel (early 17th century): High-quality, silver-inlaid pommel —probably from an English saber.  This example is from Jordan’s Journey near Hopewell in Prince George County.  The silver inlay decoration was revealed during the […]

Bandolier Cap 1404

44PG302/EU 2085-33 F-499 Bandolier Cap:  Musketeers in Europe of the 17th century often wore a bandolier, a shoulder strap from which hung a number of cases, each containing a measured charge of powder for […]

Battery Spring 807

44CC178/37D-3 Battery Spring —from a gun-lock plate, probably a snaphaunce, a mechanism whereby a flint held in a cock was struck against a steel battery that was separate from the pan cover. The snaphaunce gun-lock […]

Sword 1130

44PG302/EU2144-55, F-430, S-III Basket Hilt/Pommel/Blade Section Basket/Pommel/Blade Section (1650-1670): This basket hilt is likely from an English saber. Most of the blade is missing.  The three upper tips approach, but are not attached […]

Trigger Guard 1209

44PG302/EU2071-36 F-435 Trigger Guard 1209 44PG302/EU2071-36 F-435 Top View         Trigger Guard (early 17th century): Several examples of this particular shape of trigger guard were recovered from Jordan’s Journey near […]

Trigger Guard 1143

44PG302/EU2039 F-435 Trigger Guard 1143 Trigger Guard (early to mid-17th century): This example has a small section missing and was severely bent or deformed either before or after being thrown out. It was recovered from […]

Breastplate 0008

44PG302/EU2095-119 Breastplate —early 17th century.  This is the neck and armhole section of either a breastplate or possibly a backplate.  It measures only 11 1/2 ” from armhole to armhole and this appears […]

Sword Guard 1036

44PG302/EU2117 F-430 S-2 Sword Guard 1036 Shell Guard (mid-17th century): Present only on the outboard side, this guard would have been mounted on an English hanger, a short sword used by infantrymen to […]