Gun Parts from DHR Collections

Click on the buttons to enlarge images.  Firing Mechanisms Matchlock Deformed matchlock with serpentine Matchlocks The simplest and earliest gun-lock plate used in the colonies was the matchlock. Its main […]

Pommel 1201

44PG302/EU1105 F-409 S-II English-Style Ball Pommel (early 17th-century): This is a typical example of the type of pommel used on an English broadsword with a basket hilt of the period 1610-1640. It was […]

Snaphaunce Cock 455

44CC178/37D-4 Snaphaunce Cock: The small tail at the lower end of this S-shaped gun cock —used to catch the nose of the sear and hold  the cocked position —is characteristic of the […]

Matchlock 443

44PG302/EU 2089, F-320 S-8 Matchlock: Most of the plate, part of the serpentine, and remnants of a few of the other gun parts are present on this very deteriorated matchlock from the 17th […]

Sword Guard 8

44CC178/2-8 Sword Guard 8 Shell Guard: This decorated shell guard would have been mounted on an English hanger, a short sword used by infantrymen to supplement their muskets for close fighting. It was recovered from […]

Mainspring 751

44CC178/37E-2   Mainspring: This gun-lock mainspring was recovered from Causey’s Care, a mid-17th-century site in Charles City County.  Gun parts may have commonly been manufactured out of a slightly better grade of metal, as […]

Matchlock 1546

Exterior View Top View (44PG302/EU889-88, F-320)           Matchlock: The simplest form of gun-lock, the matchlock was used in the colonies throughout the 17th century. This archaeological example from Jordan’s Journey […]

Matchlock 2032

44PG307/614-42 Serpentine – “snake” Rear View – slightly bent   Deformed Matchlock with Serpentine—early 17th century.  The plate of this matchlock was deliberately rolled up prior to deposition in a […]

English Lock 2039

44GL  Interior Exterior               “English” Flintlock: This English lock or Jacobean flintlock is a type of gun-lock that became popular in England in the early 17th-century. It is characterized by the fact […]

Sword 1076

44PG302/EU 2117, F-430,S-III Sword 1076 English Saber: Primarily an officer’s weapon with a light, single-edged blade, plus a basket hilt and a flattened, ovoid pommel seen in late 17th-century examples.  The end section of the blade is […]