Visitors Guide

Visitors Guide

Hours of Operation: 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday. Appointments are required in order to visit the reading room to conduct research. The Archives reading room is closed to the public Friday through Monday and on state holidays.

  • Appointments are necessary to visit the Archives. The DHR Archives are available to the public on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with time slots from 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, and 3pm-5pm. To make an appointment call the archivist assistant at (804) 482-6440.
  • All visitors must sign the “DHR Archives Reading Room Sign-In” at the Archives reception counter upon arrival. Visitors accessing sensitive material may be required to present photo identification at this time.
  • Coats, backpacks, and oversized bags must be deposited at the coat tree and with the Archives Assistant for storage during the client’s visit behind the Archives reading room desk. Only materials necessary for research, including laptop computers, may be used at the worktables.
  • Ink pens or markers may NOT be used by visitors while in the Archives. Pencils are available for visitors use at the Archives counter. Colored pencils for highlighting are also available upon request.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the Archives reading room.
  • Public access is limited to the non-restricted areas within the Archives reading room. Archives staff will retrieve materials for users as needed from restricted shelves and stacks.
  • Archives staff will retrieve architectural survey files, archaeology site forms, slides, negatives, and CRM reports for patrons.
  • The use of mobile phones in the Archives is acceptable; however please show courtesy to fellow researchers while using a mobile phone.
  • Archives materials will not be retrieved after 4:45 p.m.
  • Library materials do not circulate.
  • Photocopies cost 20 cents each and color printouts cost $1.00 each. These must be paid for at the Archives front desk by check or cash. Invoices are acceptable, with a minimum charge of $10.00. In order to be issued an invoice, you must provide an address, phone number, and a federal identification or social security number. See the Archives Fee Structure for more information.
  • The public scanner in the reading room may be used to create digital images at no charge. The images must be saved to DHR standards and using the DHR naming convention and copies of the files must be made available to the Archives staff.
  • Materials can be stored for free on a flash-drive brought by the visitor.
  • Photography of the archive’s material is permitted.
  • There is a $10.00 minimum charge for scholarly research requests that involve the copying of information by Archives staff. Photocopies from these requests cost 50 cents each and will be invoiced when the material is mailed, emailed or faxed.

Permission to Publish Image(s) Form: [PDF]

The Archives file for the Q.M. Pyne Store in Giles County contains a nomination form, photographs, and other related documents about the structure.