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060-0573 Virginian Railway Underpass

Virginian Railway Underpass
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VLR Listing Date 06/20/1989

NRHP Listing Date 11/13/1989

NRHP Reference Number 89001903

The fifteen-foot-long Virginian Railway Underpass is an early demonstration of the use of reinforced concrete in favor of stone for arch bridge construction. By 1900, zealous proponents of more economical, easily-formed concrete ensured the material’s predominance for construction of highway bridges and short railway spans. The railway underpasses in Montgomery County are some of the earliest concrete works in the region and the only ones in the state to employ a horseshoe form. Why this particular profile was restricted to this area has not been determined, although with its wider footings this shape was probably stronger than a straight-sided arch. Extra support for this span was provided by angled concrete abutments on both sides. The Virginian Railway Underpass was built by the Bates and Rogers Construction Co. and completed in 1906. The arch now supports tracks of the Norfolk Southern system.

The Virginian Railway Underpass was listed in the registers under the Prehistoric and Historic Resources of Montgomery County MPD.

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