Wythe County Chert

Last Updated: April 4, 2023

Ft. Chiswell chalcedony and chert from Wythe County, Virginia, 44WY0019

Laurel Run chert, 44WY0119, from Wythe County, Virginia.

Type Cherts

Collection Location:
Two samples were collected, from a quarry site at Ft. Chiswell (44WY0019) and from Laurel Run, site 44WY0119.

The Ft. Chiswell material is highly fractured nodules that predominately are light colored translucent chalcedony, but with some chert that can range in color from black to gray with some white.
The material from 44WY0119 is mainly flakes and nodules of high quality light gray chert. Darker gray, black, beige, pink, and white chert and translucent chalcedony flakes also occur. Many samples include cortex indicating the source to be close by, but unidentified.

The cherts and chalcedonies probably occur throughout Wythe and the surrounding counties.

Cultural Implications
Probably used throughout the Archaic and Woodland time periods.


Prepared By Egloff 2008

Updated: October 22, 2016