Breastplates from DHR Collections

 Click on these buttons to see larger images and find out more. Breastplates Whole breastplate recovered from Jordan’s Journey near Hopewell, Virginia Although fragments of breastplates are fairly frequently encountered […]

Tasset 95

44PG302/4-95 Tasset —this tasset section is typical of many of the tasset fragments that are recovered from early 17th-century Virginia sites.  It is made of only one piece and is half […]

Breastplate 403

44PG300/52F-40 Breastplate —a typical pikeman’s suit breastplate, this example was made for a large man with a long waist.  The better the tailoring of the armor to the individual, the better a […]

Cheekpiece 1446

44PG302/EU1050-5   Cheekpiece —complete right proper cheekpiece, or earflap, was part of a helmet, probably a burgonet type.  In this image you can see the holes for the rivet attachment on […]

Buttplate 715

44PG300/7G-44 Musket Butt Plate —the plate on the butt of a musket or pistol.  In early times in Europe it was always made of metal.  This example is sheet iron or […]

Cheekpiece 2033

44PG307/48-181 Cheekpiece —complete left proper cheekpiece, or earflap, which was part of a helmet.  They vary slightly in shape.   Although whole helmets rarely survive and are therefore rare in Virginia collections, […]

Basket Hilt 1189

44PG300/52F-40 Basket Hilt 1189 Basket Hilt: Originating in Europe and well known by the mid-16th century, identified strongly with Scotland but also adapted by the English, the basket hilt is well represented in 17th-century Virginia […]

Cock Screw 755

44CC178/37/2C-6 Cock Screw —Gun part from any of the flintlock- type gun-lock plates which would have had a cock to hold the flint, in this case probably a snaphaunce.  The cock […]

Cheekpiece 1380

44PG332/1B-2 Cheekpiece —complete left proper cheekpiece, or earflap, was part of a helmet probably a burgonet type.  They vary in shape but all have the rivets for attachment at the top […]

Tasset Lames 2029

44PG302/EU2129-97 Tasset Lames —Early 17th century.  These two lames, strips of sheet metal, were riveted together as part of a tasset that protected the upper leg.  The separate strips were overlapped and […]