Brunswick County Quarry

Last Updated: April 4, 2023

Brunswick County Quarry chert, Virginia.

Type Cherts

Collection Location:
The quarry was reported by collectors to be near the Meherrin River in the extreme eastern Brunswick County, Virginia.

The structure of this chert is essentially identical to that from the Bourne quarry in Hanover County, Virginia (McAvoy 1974). The coarse and fibrous chert is actually composed of macroscopic chalcedony plates or blades in a chalcedony matrix. The predominant colors are brown, cream, red and violet. Some waxy high quality material occurs but most is grainy in texture.

Artifacts from this material have been observed along the Nottoway River in Sussex County and further down the Meherrin River in Greensville County, Virginia.

Cultural Implications
This material has been observed as projectile points ranging in age from Paleoindian to Late Transitional Archaic.


Prepared By McAvoy 2000