Erwin Formation Green and Brown Quartzite

Last Updated: April 4, 2023

Erwin Formation quartzite, 44AH0010, Amherst County, Virginia.

Type Quartzite

Collection Location:
This material was collected from the Robinson Gap area along the Blue Ridge Parkway (site 44AH0010) in Amherst County, Virginia. Material is found down slope along Little Irish Creek drainage. The actual quarry has not been located.

The Erwin Formation Green and Brown Quartzite is composed of fine grained metamorphosed beach sands cemented by silica. The material is distinctive due to its gray to greenish-gray color that has streaks of brown and dark red.

Although used locally in Amherst County, further distribution of this material is unknown.

Cultural Implications
Erwin green and brown quartzite was used primarily during the Middle and Late Archaic periods.


Prepared By Tolley 1999