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Spotlight on DHR Collections

The DHR Collections consists of more than 5 million archaeological artifacts recovered from sites in Virginia. Maintained in Richmond, the Collections span roughly 16,000 years of human occupation in present-day Virginia. Our mission is to care for these artifacts, recovered from more than 850 archaeological sites, from prehistory and through to the history of the 20th century. This feature shines a light on artifacts, and the conservation required to keep them available for researchers and exhibits now and into the future.

Spotlight on DHR Collections: Celebrating Our Shared Hair-itage or Hirsute Pursuits

Spotlight on DHR Collections: “Betsy” Dining Utensils

3-D Scanning of Shipwrecks and Monuments

Protecting Conservators

Spotlight on DHR Collections: 3-D Scanning and Printing of Artifacts

Spotlight on Collections: High Tea on the High Seas

Spotlight on Collections: Online Sources for Identifying Artifacts

Spotlight on DHR Collections: A Tale of Two Buckets

Spotlight on DHR Collections: Sandglasses

Spotlight on DHR Collections: Tenacity: Women in Jamestown and Early Virginia

Spotlight on the DHR Conservation Lab: Welcome to the Betsy Project!

Spotlight on the DHR Conservation Lab: Fiberglass and a WW II Bayonet

Spotlight on DHR Collections: Kingsmill ‘Artillery of Virginia’ Sword