De Paul Hospital Complex Historic District

The De Paul Hospital Complex Historic District in Norfolk is a large, evolved hospital representative of multiple generations of innovative healthcare developments and service to the Norfolk community. Located in […]

Southwestern State Hospital Tubercular Building

Located in the Smyth County town of Marion, the Southwestern State Hospital Tubercular Building is on the campus of what is now known as the Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute. […]

Norwood-Wingina Rural Historic District

Encompassing about 2,930 acres along the James River in southern Nelson County, the present-day Norwood-Wingina Rural Historic District was first occupied for thousands of years by the Monacans and their […]

Virginia Commission for the Blind

The Virginia Commission for the Blind building in Richmond is important for its close association with Lucian Louis Watts, whose career sought to improve the lives of Virginia’s blind citizens. […]

Roanoke City Health Center

Built in 1951, the Roanoke City Health Center was designed to reflect a nationwide shift in public healthcare after World War II. With federal funding under the Hill-Burton Act, public […]

Smyth County Community Hospital

Constructed between 1965 and 1967 in the town of Marion, the Smyth County Community Hospital was the first hospital built by the community to provide acute care to people in […]

Rock Cliff

The Rock Cliff estate in Nelson County is noteworthy in part for its history pertaining to the medical profession. Built circa 1840 and 1882, Rock Cliff’s current 692-acre property, located […]

Dr. Richard Thornton House

Located in Halifax County, this house was built by Dr. Richard Thornton not long after he purchased the property in 1818. The Federal-style house has a unique floor plan that […]

Central State Hospital Chapel

The Chapel was built in 1904 as part of the Central State Hospital, which opened in 1885 in Dinwiddie County as a segregated facility for mentally ill African Americans. The […]

Wythe County Poorhouse Farm

The Wythe County Poorhouse Farm is the only surviving facility of its type in Wythe County. The nine-acre parcel contains the heart of Wythe County’s second poor farm, which operated […]