Powhatan Rural Historic District

The present acreage of the Powhatan Rural Historic District represents a significant reassemblage of the land holdings of Edward Thornton Tayloe, a member of the U.S. diplomatic service in the […]

Slusser-Ryan Farm

The Slusser-Ryan Farm, also known as Hickory Ridge Farm, highlights aspects of Montgomery County’s agricultural and industrial history from around 1855 to 1880. The centerpiece of the property is a […]

Saxis Island Historic District

The 353-acre Saxis Island Historic District encompasses the Town of Saxis and adjacent areas of a narrow Accomack County peninsula that juts into the Chesapeake Bay. Isolated from the mainland […]


Llangollen was established on Virginia’s Native American frontier during the colonial era in present-day Loudoun County, when Leven Powell claimed title to land from the Lord Thomas Fairfax proprietary. Powell […]

Doe Creek Farm

Doe Creek Farm, located on the flanks of Salt Pond Mountain in Giles County, is a commercial apple orchard and stock farm established in 1883. The farm centers on the […]

Millers Tavern Rural Historic District

The Millers Tavern Rural Historic District covers 3,619 acres on the western end of Essex County, with a small portion of the district extending into King and Queen County.  The […]

South Rockfish Valley Rural Historic District

Nelson County’s South Rockfish Valley Rural Historic District comprises a 1,620-acre swath of historic farms, agricultural landscapes, small crossroads, and residential communities. The district boasts a well-preserved rural landscape with […]

Belle Plaine

Situated just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Madison County, the estate of Belle Plaine evolved during 250 years as it adapted to the area’s changing agricultural practices. It […]

Ben Venue Rural Historic District

Running along Ben Venue Road (Route 729) between the late-18th century villages of Gaines Crossroads and Flint Hill, the Ben Venue Rural Historic District in Rappahannock County features farmsteads and […]


Representing the evolution of a one-time Virginia plantation, Stoke, in southwestern Loudoun County, stands as testimony to the economic regeneration that occurred after the Civil War in the northern part […]