Public Schools in Augusta County 1870-1940 MPD

This Multiple Property Documentation (MPD) Form facilitates the nomination to the registers of public schools in Augusta County built between 1870 and 1940, and studies the general changes in rural […]

Fifeville and Tonsler Neighborhoods Historic District

Located within the south-central city limits of Charlottesville, the Fifeville and Tonsler Neighborhoods Historic District encompasses a 56-acre residential area that developed primarily during the period from 1890 to 1930. […]

Brookland Park Historic District

Composed of one late-19th- and five early-20th-century subdivisions in the on the Northside of Richmond, the Brookland Park Historic District shows the impact of streetcar transportation on suburban development in […]

Town of Barton Heights Historic District

Barton Heights Historic District is a remarkably intact turn-of-the-20th-century residential quarter of today’s Richmond.  The first of a number of private and speculative developments outlying the city’s Northside, Barton Heights […]

Riverland Historic District

In response to the city of Roanoke’s rapid industrial growth during the late-19th and early-20th centuries along the Roanoke River and railroad lines, the Riverland Historic District was developed between […]