St. Christopher’s School

St. Christopher’s School exemplifies the efforts by dedicated individuals and religious institutions to broaden the availability of quality education and to foster Christian principles in the youth entrusted to their […]

Clarksville Historic District

Clarksville Historic District constitutes the core of the Mecklenburg County town founded in 1818 at the confluence of the Dan and Roanoke Rivers. The district contains an impressive main street, […]

Appomattox Historic District

The Appomattox Historic District encompasses much of the bustling Appomattox County seat, established in the 1890s after a fire destroyed the original Appomattox Courthouse a few miles away at the […]

Opequon Presbyterian Church

Opequon Presbyterian Church, completed in 1897, is a Gothic Revival-style rustic stone building with pointed-arched, stained-glass windows and a tall corner bell tower. Built on the site of two previous […]

Montpelier Historic District

Montpelier Historic District is a linear settlement along Old Mountain Road in western Hanover County. The settlement grew from a colonial-era stagecoach stop at the Sycamore Tavern, the oldest building […]

Laburnum Park Historic District

Laburnum Park Historic District is an early-20th-century suburb in Richmond’s Northside. Its major east-west streets feature grass medians with rows of trees. Along these streets are houses in many of […]

Boydton Historic District

The Boydton Historic District is one of the best-preserved small county seats in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Sitting atop low rolling hills, the town of Boydton is one of the […]


Springdale is brick farmhouse in Goochland County, dating from the early 19th century with a modern frame addition. The simplicity of its original decorative details supports the tradition that it […]

Court House Hill/Downtown Historic District

Court House Hill/Downtown Historic District is located in the city of Lynchburg’s historic center. The 25-block district includes Clay, Court, Church, and Main Streets between Fifth through Thirteenth Streets. The […]