Occupacia-Rappahannock Rural Historic District

Essex County’s Occupacia-Rappahannock Rural Historic District encompasses a vernacular landscape of more than 44,884 acres that boasts a significant collection of buildings, structures, landscape features, and sites that highlight the […]

Millers Tavern Rural Historic District

The Millers Tavern Rural Historic District covers 3,619 acres on the western end of Essex County, with a small portion of the district extending into King and Queen County.  The […]


Edenetta, located in the Occupacia-Rappahannock Rural Historic District, was the plantation and family seat for two of Essex County’s most prominent and long-established families, the Warings and the Baylors. The […]

St. Matthew’s Church

Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church is located in the rural town of Champlain, in Essex County’s Occupacia-Rappahannock Rural Historic District. Construction began in 1861 but the Civil War halted work until […]

Monte Verde

Monte Verde was begun in 1815 by Captain Joseph Janey when he built a two-story frame house with a center-hall plan. The house is situated on a high ridge facing […]

Tappahannock Historic District

Tappahannock began as a village known as Hobb’s Hole in the mid-17th century. The core of this Essex County seat and Rappahannock River port preserves an important assemblage of 18th- […]

Vauter’s Church

The ability of the colonial mason to give articulation and dignity to an otherwise elementary structure is no better illustrated than in the brickwork of Vauter’s Church in Essex County’s […]


John Saunders, a planter and merchant, had this massive frame house erected on the banks of the Rappahannock River in Essex County between 1849 and 1851. The house was attached […]


Woodlawn, also known as the Trible House, is an example of the fast disappearing single-cell domiciles built in great numbers beginning in the late 18th century. These small but well-crafted […]


This informal old manor house, a landmark to passing motorists on nearby U.S. Highway 17 in the Occupacia-Rappahannock Rural Historic District in Essex County, was constructed with rare framing techniques, […]