The Wilderness

Established alongside a main road connecting the springs resorts of Bath County with the Shenandoah Valley, The Wilderness is a large estate in the county’s northeastern mountains. Farmer and politician […]

Appomattox Statue

Unlike many mass-produced or stock statues that present soldiers armed or in the midst of battle, the Appomattox Statue in the city of Alexandria, dedicated in 1889, depicts an unarmed […]

The Mansion House

The Mansion House is a classic example of Greek Revival-style architecture.  According to local oral tradition, the Mansion House received its name because it was the first large brick house […]

Wilkins Farm

Wilkins Farm is a late-18th-century farmstead of German immigrant origin in Shenandoah County. It was owned and developed by three different but close-knit German families. The main residence is an […]

Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery, a 50-acre municipal cemetery was established in Norfolk County (now the City of Norfolk) in 1853. It contains the remains of more than 400 Confederate and Union Civil […]

Garth Newel

The Garth Newel Music Center in Bath County is the former estate and residence of husband and wife artists William Sergeant Kendall and Christine Herter Kendall. Begun in1923 soon after […]

Mt. Airy

Long before her folk-art paintings of rural scenes and farm life earned her nationwide fame and the nickname “Grandma,” Anna Mary Robinson Moses lived in Staunton and Augusta County with […]

Washington Avenue Historic District

Washington Avenue Historic District is Fredericksburg’s only historic monumental avenue and the site of an outstanding collection of high-style residences built for the city’s elite at the turn of the […]

Virginia Washington Monument

George Washington Equestrian Statue (Virginia Washington Monument) is a nationally significant work of art. It was the first statue in a city now known for its outdoor monuments, and the […]

Fairview Cemetery

Since its founding around 1855, Fairview Cemetery has been an important component of the physical and cultural landscape of the county courthouse town of Culpeper. As a municipal cemetery, its […]