William Byrd Park

Sometimes referred to as Richmond’s “Central Park,” William Byrd Park at about 275 acres is the city’s largest. The park began during the Reconstruction era in 1874, when the city […]

Booker T. Washington High School

Staunton’s Booker T. Washington High School opened in 1936 as the only high school for African Americans in the city until it closed in 1966, when Staunton integrated its public […]

Tangier Island Historic District

The Tangier Island Historic District encompasses architectural and archaeological resources on this island that is home to a traditional watermen’s community that is part of Accomack County. Prior to the […]

James A. Fields House

The James A. Fields House was acquired in 1897 by Fields for his primary residence and law office. Fields, born a slave, became a prominent African American citizen in Newport […]

Hebrew Cemetery

Richmond’s Hebrew Cemetery, the oldest Jewish cemetery in continuous use in the South, was established on Shockoe Hill in 1816 by Virginia’s first Jewish congregation. Occupying 8.4 acres today, its […]