Dancing Point

Dancing Point in Charles City County is important for the landscape and architectural design work commissioned and executed there between 1970 and 1976 for the property’s then owners, Eugene B. […]

Natural Bridge Historic District

The Natural Bridge Historic District tells the story of the commercial development of the resort and tourist area surrounding the Natural Bridge landform, which is a National Historic Landmark. The […]

William Byrd Park

Sometimes referred to as Richmond’s “Central Park,” William Byrd Park at about 275 acres is the city’s largest. The park began during the Reconstruction era in 1874, when the city […]

Pocahontas State Park Historic District

Pocahontas State Park Historic District in Chesterfield County – originally known as Swift Creek Recreational Demonstration Area (RDA) – was a project of the New Deal-era Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). […]


Originally the residence of Dr. Robert and Elizabeth Munger, Boxerwood, in Rockbridge County, consists of a Modernist house completed in 1952 and is one of the earliest examples of such […]

Camp Mont Shenandoah Historic District

Camp Mont Shenandoah in Bath County was founded by Nannie Crump West of Richmond in 1927 as a private venture to serve Richmond’s privileged young women. Encompassing 60 acres today […]

Woods Hill

Woods Hill in the City of Franklin is a significant example of the collaborative work of two 20th-century master practitioners in Virginia of home and landscape design, Alan McCullough and […]

Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery, a 50-acre municipal cemetery was established in Norfolk County (now the City of Norfolk) in 1853. It contains the remains of more than 400 Confederate and Union Civil […]

Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center

Embedded in the Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest, the Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center was originally created to house Works Progress Administration workers in 1937. The WPA workers built the adjacent Holliday […]

Lewis Mountain

Lewis Mountain, in Albemarle County, refers both to the stately mansion and the mountain directly west of the University of Virginia that it crowns. Designed by Charlottesville architect Eugene Bradbury, […]