Dromgoole House-Canaan

An excellent example of a Federal period vernacular-style dwelling in Brunswick County, the Dromgoole House was built between 1796 and 1799 for Reverend Edward Dromgoole at his plantation, Canaan. One […]


This Federal-style plantation house near the Meherrin River in Brunswick County was built in 1810 by the Revolutionary War Colonel John (“Hellcat”) Jones, Jr. It was noted for its fine […]

Lawrenceville Historic District

Lawrenceville Historic District includes most of the town that has developed around the Brunswick County seat established in 1814. Much of that growth was directly related to the coming of […]

St. Paul’s School

The Saint Paul’s School in Brunswick County is listed under the Rosenwald Schools in Virginia multiple property documentation form. The Julius Rosenwald Fund helped construct the school during the philanthropic […]

Mason-Tillett House

The Mason-Tillett House, or Rock Hill, as it came to be known in the late-20th-century, is significant as a late-18th-century dwelling with an exceptional surviving interior, grained and marbleized woodwork, […]

Hobson’s Choice

Erected in 1794, the sectioned, one-story plantation dwelling of Hobson’s Choice is a provincial interpretation of the five-part Palladian scheme popularized by designs illustrated in Robert Morris’s Select Architecture of […]

Rocky Run Methodist Church

Characterized by a peaceful dignity, this wooden church is a demonstration of the eye for design that can be found in even the most rural areas of the state. Erected […]

Saint Paul’s College

The Saul Building, Principal’s Residence, and Memorial Chapel at Saint Paul’s College, in the Brunswick County seat of Lawrenceville, embody the growth of this pioneering, historically African American institution, from […]

Woodlands (Brick House)

This plantation house was remodeled from an 1831-33 Federal I-house, built by the Brodnax family, into a porticoed Romantic Revival mansion, a transformation influenced both by regional example and published […]