Duff Mansion House

Lee County’s Duff Mansion House was built around the Civil War era. Although documentation does not identify a precise construction date or original owner, the house is among the oldest […]

William Sayers Homestead

The Sayers Homestead in Lee County was established around 1796 by William Sayers, along the historic Wilderness Road and near the Cumberland Gap. The Sayers Homestead features a two-story stone […]

Keokee Store No. 1

Located less than a mile from the Kentucky state line in Lee County, the Keokee Commissary was built in 1910 by the Stonega Coke and Coal Company (formerly the Keokee […]

Dickinson-Milbourn House

Completed in 1848 for Benjamin Dickinson, a prosperous landowner, this imposing Federal-style house in the town of Jonesville is among the few early brick dwellings in Lee County. In 1851 […]

Ely Mound

Dating to the Late Woodland/Mississippian period (ca A.D. 1200-1650), the Ely Mound archaeological site in Lee County is the only clearly identified substructure or town house mound in Virginia. As […]

Jonesville Methodist Campground

A surge of evangelical fervor in the early 19th century resulted in the establishment throughout the country of campgrounds to hold summer religious revival meetings that were similar to Lee […]