Susie G. Gibson High School

Under the supervision of Virginia’s Department of Education, Bedford County built the Susie G. Gibson High School in 1953-1954 to provide “separate but equal” facilities to the county’s Black high […]

Bedford Training School

Bedford County constructed the Bedford Training School in 1929-30 as its first public school to provide secondary education for Black students. The State Department of Education’s Division of School Buildings […]

Pine Grove Elementary School

Pine Grove Elementary School, constructed in 1917, is one of six schools for African American students built in Cumberland County that are associated with the Julius Rosenwald Fund. Philanthropist Rosenwald, […]

Courtland Historic District

Beginning as a cluster of courthouse buildings in 1752 along the north side of the Nottoway River, the Courtland Historic District forms the corer of the seat of Southampton County. […]

Norwood-Wingina Rural Historic District

Encompassing about 2,930 acres along the James River in southern Nelson County, the present-day Norwood-Wingina Rural Historic District was first occupied for thousands of years by the Monacans and their […]


Arrowhead, located on the north side of the James River in the Norwood-Wingina Rural Historic District section of Nelson County, is important as the one-time residence of Colonel Wirt Robinson […]

Washington School

Washington School in Rappahannock County was constructed around 1923 as a two-teacher school. Of the Rosenwald Schools built in 79 localities in Virginia, about 50 percent were similar to the […]

St. George’s Episcopal Church

St. George’s Episcopal Church was constructed in 1849. It was the third church building erected on a lot originally designated for a church on a plat of Fredericksburg that the […]

Campbell County Training School

The Campbell County Training School, also known historically as the Rustburg School, is located in the courthouse town of Rustburg. The school began in 1922 with construction of an H-shaped […]

John Groom Elementary School

The John Groom Elementary School in the Mecklenburg County town of South Hill served as the area’s only public elementary school for African American students from 1950 until 1969, when […]