Courtland School

Courtland School in the town of Courtland, the Southampton County seat, served African American students from around 1928, the year of the school’s construction, through 1963, when it closed. The […]

Baker Public School

The Baker Public School, built in 1939 in Richmond’s North Jackson Ward neighborhood, is the third school to arise on the site since 1871. Each school served the city’s African […]

Ashwood School

The Ashwood School, constructed in 1909, is located in the community of Ashwood, just north of Healing Springs and south of Hot Springs in Bath County. The school is locally […]

Virginia Industrial Home School for Colored Girls

The Virginia Industrial Home School for Colored Girls – most recently known as the Barrett Learning Center – arose in 1915 in response to an early-20th-century juvenile reform movement in […]

Cornland School

The Cornland School in the City of Chesapeake is a one-room schoolhouse built in 1903 that served African American students in the Pleasant Grove School District in the former Norfolk […]

Josephine City Historic District

Josephine City Historic District, a historically African American community in the Clarke County seat of Berryville, was founded by freedmen in 1870 on a 31-acre parcel conveyed by Ellen McCormick, […]

Kenmore Farm

Kenmore Farm, located just west of the town of Amherst in Amherst County, was established in 1856 by Samuel Meredith Garland as a farmstead to raise livestock and crops. The […]

Buckingham Training School

The site of the Rosenwald-funded Buckingham Training School, near Dillwyn, was constructed during Virginia’s era of racial segregation. Known today as Stephen J. Ellis Memorial Park, the site is significant […]

Camp Mont Shenandoah Historic District

Camp Mont Shenandoah in Bath County was founded by Nannie Crump West of Richmond in 1927 as a private venture to serve Richmond’s privileged young women. Encompassing 60 acres today […]

Barracks No. 1

Constructed in 1888 for the Corps of Cadets, Barracks No. 1, also known as Lane Hall, was the first dormitory built at the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, now known […]