New Kent School

The New Kent School (white) and George W. Watkins School (black), both located in New Kent County, are associated with the 1968 U.S. Supreme Court case Green v. New Kent County, the most […]


Built in 1848 for David Funsten, farmer, lawyer, and politician, Erin is the work of a talented but unidentified master housewright. The design is a sophisticated illustration of the influence […]


Erected for Benjamin H. Brady, this ca. 1815 mansion, on the Mary Baldwin College campus in the city of Staunton, is dominated by an original two-story portico with stately Tuscan […]

Augusta County Courthouse

Completed in 1901, the Augusta County Courthouse stands in the city of Staunton, where all of the county’s courthouses have stood since the first one was built in 1745. Its […]

John Marshall House

John Marshall, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, built this dignified Georgian house in Richmond in 1790 and made it his home for forty-five years. Marshall was appointed to […]

Pulaski County Courthouse

The rugged Pulaski County Courthouse, the dominant landmark in the town of Pulaski, is one of the state’s few large public buildings echoing the Romanesque style of the noted architect […]

Weems-Botts House

Parson Mason Locke Weems built the earliest portion of this building circa 1798 as a bookshop and temporary lodging in the Prince William County town of Dumfries, after he retired […]

Old Prince Edward County Clerk’s Office

The Old Prince Edward County Clerk’s Office, the third to serve the county, is a relic of the period when the tiny settlement of Worsham was the county seat, then […]

Pittsylvania County Courthouse

This antebellum Pittsylvania County Courthouse stands as a landmark to the African American struggle for civil rights in the post Civil-War era. Judge J. D. Coles’s attempt in 1878 to […]

Old Clerk’s Office, Chatham

Completed in 1812 to serve the 1783 Pittsylvania County courthouse, the former clerk’s office is the oldest public building in the town of Chatham. Built to be the chief repository […]