Weems-Botts House

Parson Mason Locke Weems built the earliest portion of this building circa 1798 as a bookshop and temporary lodging after he retired from the Episcopal ministry. Weems, author of numerous […]

Bel Air

The ca. 1740 brick farmhouse of Bel Air in Prince William County was originally the home of the Ewell family. Mason Locke Weems (1759-1825), clergyman, first biographer of George Washington, […]

Anne Spencer House

During her long and active life, Anne Spencer (1882-1975) was recognized as a lyric poet of considerable talent. For an African American woman to win recognition from her intellectual peers […]

Jerdone Castle

The oldest section of Jerdone Castle was built ca. 1745 by Francis Jerdone, who emigrated to Louisa County from Scotland in 1740. In addition to expanding his original landholdings and […]

Sycamore Tavern

The simple dignity of Virginia’s traditional rural buildings is well depicted in this country tavern with its dormers and engaged front porch, the latter a characteristic feature of early taverns. […]


Oakland was the birthplace and childhood home of Virginia author Thomas Nelson Page (1853-1922). On this Hanover County plantation, Page absorbed the atmosphere and legends of Virginia that gave realism […]

Willow Shade

Willow Shade was the childhood home of the renowned American author, Willa Cather. The gaunt, Greek Revival house was built ca. 1853 for Cather’s grandfather, William Cather, and his wife […]

Willa Cather Birthplace

The American novelist and short story writer Willa Cather (1873-1947) was born in this plain, weatherboarded log house in the tiny Frederick County community of Gore, north of the city […]

Cherry Hill

The former rural character of the small Northern Virginia city of Falls Church is embodied in the Cherry Hill farmstead, that is now part of a seven-acre park in the […]

Langley Fork Historic District

The intersection commonly known as Langley Fork retains its historic identity and appearance in a region that has been subjected to intense modern development. During the 18th century the fork […]