Haugh House

The Haugh House, a modest farmhouse built around 1855 in Rockingham County, was at the epicenter of Civil War combat on June 8, 1862. Sitting squarely between Federal and Confederate […]

Auburn Battlefield

Auburn Battlefield, in Fauquier County, is the site of Civil War actions fought on October 13 and 14 in 1863, during the Bristoe Campaign, between the forces of Confederate General […]

Prince William Forest Park Historic District

Prince William Forest Park Historic District, consisting of over 10,000 acres in Prince William County, was designated in 1935—during the Great Depression and the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt—as […]

Rochelle-Prince House

The Rochelle-Prince House was constructed around 1814 in the Southampton County seat of Courtland. The house was the one-time residence of James Henry Rochelle, who had a noteworthy career as […]

Saltville Battlefields Historic District

The two battlefields on which Confederate and Union forces contested control of the Confederacy’s most important source of salt, an essential commodity, are contained in the 2,737-acre Saltville Battlefields Historic […]

Manassas Gap Railroad Independent Line

The Manassas Gap Railroad Independent Line is a remnant of one of several railroads built in the antebellum period in Northern Virginia to replace older wagon and river transport networks […]

Fort C. F. Smith Historic District

Fort C. F. Smith is the best-preserved Civil War defensive fort in Arlington County. Built in 1863, it was one of several union forts that encircled Washington, D.C., during the […]


Braehead, situated on the brow of a hill overlooking the Rappahannock River, was built in 1858 for John Howison. Architecturally significant for its side-passage plan, which is more commonly associated […]

Greater Newport Rural Historic District

The Greater Newport Rural Historic District in Giles County includes 21,000 acres of land defined by mountain ridges and beautiful valley tributaries of the New River. First settled in the […]

Thoroughfare Gap Battlefield

Thoroughfare Gap Battlefield, considered an important strategic passage through the Bull Run Mountains, served as a corridor to Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia from the Shenandoah Valley throughout […]