Tangier Island Historic District

The Tangier Island Historic District encompasses architectural and archaeological resources on this island that is home to a traditional watermen’s community that is part of Accomack County. Prior to the […]

Little River Rural Historic District

Encompassing over 23,000 acres in the horse and hunt countryside of northeastern Fauquier County in northern Virginia, the Little River Rural Historic District retains an abundant array of nearly 1,500 […]

Fort Loudoun Site

The Fort Loudoun Site is a half-acre portion within the Winchester Historic District where a young Colonel Washington designed and constructed a fort while serving as commander of the Virginia […]

Robert Russa Moton Boyhood Home

The Robert Russa Moton Boyhood Home is located on a former plantation and farmstead known as Pleasant Shade in rural Prince Edward County, about 10 miles east of Farmville. Covering […]

Furr Farm

Furr Farm in Loudoun County was the site of a fierce cavalry skirmish during the Civil War Battle of Aldie, fought in June 1863. The house at Furr Farm, portions […]

USS Wisconsin

The USS Wisconsin is an Iowa-class battleship, the largest class of battleships the U.S. ever built. The 887-foot vessel was launched on December 7, 1943 (the second anniversary of Pearl […]

NASA Langley Research Center Historic District

Established in 1917, during World War I, originally as the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory and the nation’s first civilian aeronautics laboratory, the NASA Langley Research Center in the city of […]

Unison Battlefield Historic District

Stretching between the villages of Philomont and Unison in Loudoun County and Upperville in Fauquier County, the Unison Battlefield Historic District is where Union and Confederate cavalry detachments fought between […]

Freeman Store

The Freeman General Store was built as a large two-story store and residence in 1859 on six acres of land adjacent to the newly-arrived Alexandria, Loudoun & Hampshire Railroad in […]

Haugh House

The Haugh House, a modest farmhouse built around 1855 in Rockingham County, was at the epicenter of Civil War combat on June 8, 1862. Sitting squarely between Federal and Confederate […]