Brown Grove Rural Historic District

The Brown Grove Rural Historic District is a historically African American community located south of the Town of Ashland. The district’s boundaries encompass two discontiguous areas near the geographic center […]

Dromgoole House-Canaan

An excellent example of a Federal period vernacular-style dwelling in Brunswick County, the Dromgoole House was built between 1796 and 1799 for Reverend Edward Dromgoole at his plantation, Canaan. One […]

Grace Episcopal Church

The Grace Episcopal Church property in Lancaster County’s town of Kilmarnock features two buildings: a Gothic Revival chapel, which was the original Grace Church, built in 1852, and a larger […]

Snow Creek Anglican Church

Constructed of hewn and sawed timbers and erected on Virginia’s western frontier in present-day Franklin County at the end of the colonial period, the Snow Creek Anglican Church replaced an […]

Mechanicsville Historic District

Danville’s Mechanicsville Historic District emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a distinctive, ethnically mixed neighborhood of tradesmen, educators, skilled workers, and laborers associated with Danville’s textile […]

Tangier Island Historic District

The Tangier Island Historic District encompasses architectural and archaeological resources on this island that is home to a traditional watermen’s community that is part of Accomack County. Prior to the […]

Chapel Rural Historic District

Covering approximately 11,500 acres of countryside in central Clarke County, the Chapel Rural Historic District contains well-preserved residences and affiliated buildings such as smokehouses, springhouses, garages, sheds, and summer kitchens, […]

First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church in the Farmville Historic District, founded 1867, emerged as a center for the local black community under the leadership of its pastor, the Reverend L. Francis […]

The Tabernacle/Fireman’s Field

The Purcellville Tabernacle/Fireman’s Field, built in 1903, traces it history back to 1878 with the formation of the Prohibition and Evangelical Association of Loudoun County. At the time of its […]

Castlerun Historic District

The Castlerun Historic District is a collection of early 20th-century public buildings that represent a way of life that is vanishing in our ever-changing rural landscapes. The two primary buildings […]