Moss Tobacco Factory

An impressive relic of the antebellum tobacco industry, the three-and-one-half-story Moss Tobacco Factory was erected in two stages during the 1830s. It housed a manufacturing operation until 1862. After the […]

Whittle’s Mill Dam

In present-day South Hill, the Whittle’s Mill Dam deflected strong currents from the Meherrin River to propel grain- and sawmills. The mill complex, constructed around 1756, was part of a […]

South Hill Commercial Historic District

The South Hill Commercial Historic District in Mecklenburg County reflects South Hill’s emergence by 1891 as a rail town on the Atlantic & Danville Railroad. Financiers and engineers in 1889 […]

John Groom Elementary School

The John Groom Elementary School in South Hill served as the area’s only public elementary school for African American students from 1950 until 1969, when the county desegregated its schools. […]

Historic Archaeological Sites, John Kerr Reservoir Area, MPD

The Historic Archaeological Sites within the John H. Kerr Reservoir Area Multiple Property Documentation (MPD) form facilitates the nomination to the registers of late-eighteenth- and nineteenth-century tobacco-related farmstead/homestead archaeological sites […]

Rudd Branch Ridge Complexes #1 & #2

The four Rudd Branch Ridge archaeological complexes within the John H. Kerr Reservoir area contain the undisturbed remains of adjacent tobacco farms. The time period extends from late 1800s to […]

On the Hill

On the Hill, a circa 1886 Queen Anne-style house occupying nearly 23 acres in the Mecklenburg County town of Boydton, sits with its dependencies, as its name implies, on the […]

O.H.P. Tanner House

The O.H.P. Tanner House, located near LaCrosse in Mecklenburg County, is a Georgian-style residence that dendrochronology indicates dates back to 1769. A major remodeling, ca. 1820, likely included construction of […]