Mathews Downtown Historic District

The Mathews Downtown Historic District captures an area generally known as the Mathews Court House village in Mathews County and which had been occupied by Virginia Indians since the Early […]

GW Jeep Site

The archaeological GW Jeep Site, which straddles the boundary between Highland County in Virginia and Pocahontas County in West Virginia, is noteworthy for its integrity and location. Its dense lithic […]

Tangier Island Historic District

The Tangier Island Historic District encompasses architectural and archaeological resources on this island that is home to a traditional watermen’s community that is part of Accomack County. Prior to the […]

Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery

The Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery is one of the only known burial grounds in the U.S. to be established and administered by the federal government for the interment of African […]

Great Falls Park Historic District

The Great Falls Park Historic District, in Fairfax County, encompasses part of the Potomac Canal, an 18th-century engineering achievement spearheaded by George Washington, and recognized in 1982 as a National […]

Gala Archaeological Site

The Gala Archaeological Site in Botetourt County was occupied by Native Americans from circa 3000-1000 B.C. to ca. 900-1607. Archaeological resources at the site include intact remains ranging in function […]

Newington Archaeological Site

Newington, the birthplace and boyhood home of Carter Braxton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, contains a rare combination of archaeological and surviving landscape elements derived from this former […]

Dumpling Island Archaeological Site

Dumpling Island Archaeological Site, situated on the Nansemond River in Suffolk, is a remarkably well-preserved 14-acre archaeological site dating to the Late Woodland period (ca. 900-1607). Historical documentation suggests that […]

Taft Archaeological Site

The Taft Archaeological Site at Mason Neck in southeastern Fairfax County is a multi-component, stratified, upland, prehistoric, and possibly proto-historic Native American camp dating between about 2000 B.C. and A.D. […]

Stroubles Creek Site

Stroubles Creek Archaeological Site, located along the south bank of the New River, just west of its confluence with Stroubles Creek, contains the remains of an Indian village occupied during […]