Huntland, an estate covering about 400 acres in Loudoun County, was once devoted primarily to foxhunting, a sport that reinvigorated the economy of the region in the early-20th century. The […]

Dr. Edwin Bancroft and Mary Ellen Henderson House

The Henderson House in the Northern Virginia city of Falls Church was the home of influential civil rights advocates Edwin Bancroft “E.B.” Henderson and his wife, Mary Ellen Meriwether Henderson. […]

Wasena Historic District

The Wasena Historic District is an early-20th-century residential suburb of Roanoke developed by a private land company as improvements in bridge connections and public transportation made former farmland accessible to […]


Designed in 1925 for Mary Leigh Suhling by noted Lynchburg architects Pendleton S. Clark and Walter S. Crow, Hanshill is a rare and remarkably intact example of an early twentieth […]

Prince William Forest Park Historic District

Prince William Forest Park Historic District, consisting of over 10,000 acres in Prince William County, was designated in 1935—during the Great Depression and the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt—as […]

Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center

Embedded in the Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest, the Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center was originally created to house Works Progress Administration workers in 1937. The WPA workers built the adjacent Holliday […]

Portsmouth Community Library

The Portsmouth Community Library was built in 1945 to serve Portsmouth’s African American citizens, who then comprised about half of the city’s population. While the city founded its library system […]

The Tabernacle/Fireman’s Field

The Purcellville Tabernacle/Fireman’s Field, built in 1903, traces it history back to 1878 with the formation of the Prohibition and Evangelical Association of Loudoun County. At the time of its […]

Lawrenceville Historic District

Lawrenceville Historic District includes most of the town that has developed around the Brunswick County seat established in 1814. Much of that growth was directly related to the coming of […]

Beacon Theatre

Beacon Theatre, originally known as the “Broadway Theatre,” opened in 1928. The architects of this eclectic building were Osbert L. Edwards of Hopewell and Fred Bishop of Richmond. In their […]