Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

The original main block sanctuary of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, near Gainesville in Prince William County, dates to 1928 and replaced an 1889 church building. That earlier building arose after […]

Schoolfield Historic District

The roughly 512-acre Schoolfield Historic District encompasses the remaining buildings associated with the mill village of Schoolfield, an independent company town the textile giant Dan River Mills developed southwest of […]

Deering Hall

Deering Hall was the town hall for the town of Broadway in Rockingham County from around 1890, when constructed, until 1933, when the town leased it to the Broadway Motor […]

Courtland Historic District

Beginning as a cluster of courthouse buildings in 1752 along the north side of the Nottoway River, the Courtland Historic District forms the corer of the seat of Southampton County. […]

Washington School

Washington School in Rappahannock County was constructed around 1923 as a two-teacher school. Of the Rosenwald Schools built in 79 localities in Virginia, about 50 percent were similar to the […]

St. George’s Episcopal Church

St. George’s Episcopal Church was constructed in 1849. It was the third church building erected on a lot originally designated for a church on a plat of Fredericksburg that the […]

Fannie Thompson House

In the Shenandoah Valley, the Fannie Thompson House in Augusta County is the sole unmodified dwelling remaining in what was once a thriving segregated African American neighborhood known as Jack’s […]

Highland Springs Historic District

The Highland Springs Historic District, in eastern Henrico County, arose as an electric streetcar suburb that began in 1890 when Edmund S. Read of Massachusetts purchased land to create a […]

Oakland Baptist Church Cemetery

Founded around 1897 in the City of Alexandria as an unconstructed burial ground, Oakland Baptist Church Cemetery is important to the history of the “The Fort” community, a village formed […]